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It is thought by most people that the fluctuations of the stock market are completely random and that it's impossible

to know what the market is going to do next.  If the market was truly a random walk, there would be no difference

between market turns (highs and lows) and market panics generated by a random number generator and real market

turns and panics occurring in "live" markets.  There is a difference between the two, however, and I can determine in

just a few minutes whether trading data comes from a random number generator or just about any publicly traded

market.  That should not be possible if the market is truly random.  Now, proving the market is not random is not the

same thing as proving it is consistently predictable. There is still a lot of noise and randomness in financial markets and

I'm not claiming to have discovered the Holy Grail of market timing but the indicators on this site are designed to take

advantage of those times when randomness gives way to predictability.